Ryan Jaime

Technical Game Designer

My name is Ryan Jaime. I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BS in Computer Science: Game Design. With a grant from UCSC's GameGO, I am developing a VR rhythm game for the Oculus Touch which emphasizes player movement in their physical space. I'm interested in programming, 3D computer graphics, and game systems design.  I'm seeking an internship, part-time, or full-time position in the game industry. 


beat BOX


Role: Co-Lead Designer & Programmer, team of three.

A Virtual Reality rhythm game made with Unity and Oculus Touch. Punch the box to the rhythm and rotate it to catch notes coming from different directions.

Awarded a $5000 grant by UCSC's GameGO program to continue development.

(2017 - 2018)


Unity Volcano PCG Terrain


Solo project in which I procedurally generated a family of volcano landscapes. Uses Substance Designer textures, particle systems, and Cg/HLSL Shaders. 


Unity Audio Visualizer


Solo project in which I scripted a Unity mesh to displace its vertices according to the samples of any given audio file. 



Nuclear Throne Card Game


Role: Systems Designer and Game Designer, team of four. 

A card game adaptation of the digital game Nuclear Throne, by Vlambeer. We analyzed how multiple mechanisms combine to create high-level systems, designing and refining these systems to capture the heart of a digital game and make it playable and engaging in a completely different medium. (2017) 



Game Design

  • Unity 3D, Oculus, Phaser
  • Unity Collaborate, Github 
  • Scrum, Trello

Programming Languages

  •  Proficient: C#, HTML/JavaScript, Python. 
  •  Intermediate: C++, C, Java, GLSL.