Ryan Jaime

Technical Game Designer

My name is Ryan Jaime, I am a fourth-year undergraduate studying Computer Science: Game Design at UC Santa Cruz. I am developing a VR rhythm game for the Oculus Touch which emphasizes player movement in their physical space. I'm also interested in programming, game systems design and game audio.

My current resume



Role: Co-Lead Designer and Programmer in a team of 3. 

A Virtual Reality rhythm game which utilizes Oculus Touch. Punch the amplifier to the rhythm and rotate it in order to catch "notes" coming from different directions. This game is a workout! 

Sugoroku Game Generator

Role: Programmer in a team of 5.

A Python 3.6 program that generates unique and balanced Sugoroku boards. It uses a variable-point crossover genetic algorithm and uses fitness metrics to create different board lengths and terrains.

My Github

Source code for projects including Psychoacoustic & Sugoroku Game Generator.


Game Design

  • Systems Design
  • Audio
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Scrum, Iterative Milestone

Computer Science

  • Proficient: C++, C#, Python, Java
  • Intermediate: C, Pure Data HTML/CSS/JavaScript

Software & Tools

  • Unity, Phaser, GameMaker Studio 2
  • FamiTracker, Pure Data, REAPER, Blender, Sony Vegas
  • Github, Unity Collaborate