Ryan Jaime

Technical Game Designer

I graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BS in Computer Science: Game Design. With a grant from UCSC's GameGO, I developed  Beat Box, a VR rhythm game for the Oculus Touch which emphasizes player movement in their physical space. I'm interested in game QA,  marketing,  gameplay programming, and game systems design.  I'm seeking an internship, part-time, or full-time position in the game industry. 


beat BOX


Role: Co-Lead Designer & Programmer, team of three.

A Virtual Reality rhythm game made with Unity and Oculus Touch. Punch the box to the rhythm and rotate it to catch notes coming from different directions.

Awarded a $5000 grant by UCSC's GameGO program to continue development.

(2017 - 2018)


Unity Volcano PCG Terrain


Solo project in which I procedurally generated a family of volcano landscapes. Uses Substance Designer textures, particle systems, and Cg/HLSL Shaders. 


Unity Audio Visualizer


Solo project in which I scripted a Unity mesh to displace its vertices according to the samples of any given audio file. 



Nuclear Throne Card Game


Role: Systems Designer and Game Designer, team of four. 

A card game adaptation of the digital game Nuclear Throne, by Vlambeer. We analyzed how multiple mechanisms combine to create high-level systems, designing and refining these systems to capture the heart of a digital game and make it playable and engaging in a completely different medium. (2017) 



C#, HTML/JavaScript, 3D Math, OpenGL, Cg, GLSL, HLSL, C++, C, Python, Java.

Unity 3D, Oculus, Blender, Phaser, Substance Designer, Android Studio, Twine.

Git, GitHub, Agile, Scrum, Trello.

Google Sheets.